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Romans 8:28
28: And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  

Never get discouraged when God's plan doesn't directly align with the path you know he is leading you to.

 In the times when I feel so far from the path that has been spoken into my life, I think about the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his siblings. However, God's plan for Joseph remained in tact. God soon blessed Joseph to have
great favor with Potiphar, the captain of the palace guard. Joseph's life became full both personally and financially. Yet still, God's ultimate plan for Joseph's life took another detour when he was thrown into prison. 

Now, I myself can imagine Joseph was feeling distressed at that time, and was yearning for the life he had in Potiphar's good favor. He was probably asking God why had he brought him to that point only to have him end up in jail? Why did he take him away from his good life he was living, and allow him to fall into that place? But Joseph was soon to find out, he may have thought Potiphar's favor was the best he could have hoped for on earth, but God was putting him in place to gain the favor of the King. 

I can imagine God was saying, be patient Joseph and keep the faith. Maybe Joseph's mind could only see his place in Potiphar's house, but God was leading him to something greater, he was taking him to the Kings house. 
Had Joseph not been in prison he wouldn't have been in place to have the encounter with the other prisoner that would bring him to interpreting the dream of the King; and in doing so, gain the King's ultimate favor. At some point. Even troubled times have to line up with the destiny God has put forth in our lives. This story teaches me, always, always, always, trust God's plan. Even when the route seems to lead you through muddy waters. It is always working for our good. He IS intentional, NEVER FAILING!

Lorraine Rogers Jackson
Today's Inspiration was provided by: Lorraine Rogers Anderson, Maryland
                   Travis Greene